¡Yooo Voy a Manejaar!!

Client: DIAGEO

DIAGEO approached us to produce a video that would help them raise awareness of the dangers of drunk driving and to introduce their Actuando Mejor campaign. The objective was to create a strong impact on young people without being fatalist. So instead of ambulances, funerals and crying parents we decided to tell the story in a ‘funny’ way, mocking drunk drivers in situations people could relate with. This helped us engage viewers and paved the way for a strong ending because they already felt identified.

The video passed the 50,000 views mark in the first 2 days of the campaign and generated hundreds of retweets, likes, follows and shares. We worked with 18 actors and used 7 different cars. Everything except the first 2 scenes where shot against a greenscreen in the studio, so the cars never actually move.

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Behind The Scenes

Before & After Gallery

  • Before-greenscreen
    Before greenscreen After
  • Before-greenscreen 02
    After-greenscreen 02
    Before greenscreen 02 After
  • Before-greenscreen 03
    After-greenscreen 03
    Before greenscreen 03 After

Stills Gallery