Client: Semana del Emprendedor 2014 

Our client gave us the following brief: “We want people to know that you don’t have to go to Silicon Valley to become an entrepreneur, Mexico has everything you need to do just that and here, at the National Entrepreneurship Week, you can find all the necessary tools to start or consolidate your business”. So we thought… what do Silicon Valley’s most famous startups have in common? Well Apple, Google, Microsoft et all started in their garage or at their parents basement, or in the tiniest of offices.

So with the idea that great business start in small places in mind, we reached out to eight amazing Mexican entrepreneurs who took us to that special place where they first started working on their business. We then recorded them at their current workplace where each made a unique invitation to the different pavilions at the entrepreneurship week.

The videos were picked up by several news outlets and gathered hundreds of thousands of views online on the weeks preceding the event. Watch all eight videos from the campaign below.

Watch all 8 videos from the campaign

Behind The Scenes