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Client: Café Franqueza / Ogilvy & Mather México

It’s no secret that coffee farmers are universally underpaid. Our very entrepreneurial friends at Café Franqueza are working to change this situation in Mexico. The way they are handling their business is so much more than just ‘fair trade’. First of, they are significantly improving the price coffee farmers receive for their product (eliminating corrupt intermediaries on the way). They are giving them technical assistance, access to new machinery as well as access to cheap financing, mentorship and new techinques to help them improve and expand their coffee farms.

To achieve this they have joined forces with many organizations such as Ashoka, Root Capital, Restaurantes Toks, Fundación Walmart and The University of Chapingo.

We traveled to the Otomi Tepehua region in the state of Hidalgo were we produced a video and captured a series of portrait photographs for each member of the ‘Hoga Kafe’ Co-operative. The pictures of each coffee farmer are printed on the back of every Café Franqueza coffee bag.

Spending time with this amazing group of coffee farmers was an incredible experience and it was also a pleasure to work so closely with Ogilvy & Mather México who designed the package and marketing strategy. Scroll down for more videos and behind the scenes pictures.


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