Crédito Joven 18-30

Client: Instituto Nacional del Emprendedor

At the turn of the year, Mexican President Peña said: “Mexico is going to bet everything its got on its youth”. INADEM approached us to help them create a video for the launch of the “Crédito Joven” program – which grants young mexican entrepreneurs credits of up to 2.5 million MXN even if they don’t have credit history.

This was of course a very tight deadline so in the space of just two days we brought 36 entrepreneurs form 28 different startups to the studio and asked them to tell Mr. Peña why Mexico doesn’t really have any other choice than to bet everything on its young entrepreneurs. Watch the video and see what they have to say.

The video hit the 100,000 view mark in just a couple of days and the program has gone on to receive nearly 30,000 applications form young entrepreneurs across the country.


Behind The Scenes